Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Out With the Grands!

Chris and I are getting our kitchen resurfaced and one of the people who measures surfaces made an appointment to stop by and drop off a sample and pick up some paper work. So mommy stayed home and Alison, Boompa and JG went to check out the Habitat for Humanity store.

Alison in the truck about to go!

Bye family! Boompa and JG found some granite tiles and made a plan to turn my dilapidated backyard table into something pretty. 

Alison back at home playing with her toys :) She loves to play

She really likes the linking toys

JG pushing Alison at Home Depot. Boompa and JG needed to get some supplies to make us a table!


Tonight we went over to Tawny and Tom's house for a little get together. This is the only picture I took...we had a good time talking to our friends and eating together. My folks really seemed to like everyone and everyone really seemed to like them. Tom's son really liked playing with Boompa.

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