Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rainy Day

The weather here for the past few weeks has been so dreary! I am looking forward to getting our sunshine back! Alison and I have been spending a lot of time cooped up inside. Even my folks trip was dampened by melancholy weather.

Marty is sitting in the glider rocking chair in Alison's room watching Alison play on the floor. Marty doesn't want Alison to bother him but he seems to like watching her. And yes Marty is sitting like a person, I haven't had the heart to tell him he's not.

Alison wanted to sit in the chair with Marty! Unfortunately Marty ran off as soon as she decided she wanted up in the chair.

inspecting the rocking chair
Nap time. I don't think I have blogged about Alison's new fish lights and music crib thing. It's pretty neat it plays almost 30 minutes of music and the fish 'swim'. The best part, there is a remote that you can hang on the door nob to push if you need to start the music over again. Of course Alison has to have Monkey to sleep with.

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