Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is a place in PB called Gringos that serves a wonderful brunch on Sundays. Chris really wanted to take my parents there. We had a really good time. We think its one of the best breakfast buffets in San Diego.

Ok, so its a bit of a close up but still its a very cute picture!

Chris enjoying a memosa

Boompa and Alison. Alison's hair is a bit unruly at times. I think its going to be wavy like my hair but Chris is still holding onto hope that its going to by straight like his. I guess time will tell. To be honest I hope she has straight hair gets pretty crazy if I don't straighten it.

Alison loves sitting with Boompa

Alison wants something to drink!

here is some water baby. Alison likes to drink with a straw.

look at those teeth!

Ok, I've chewed on the straw, now for some actual water drinking!

JG really liked breakfast too and toward the end of breakfast managed to wriggle Alison away form Boompa :) Alison is extremely fond of JG. They get along really well. JG likes to rock Alison in the rocking chair and sing to her.

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