Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking Aunte Em' to Balboa Park!

My good friend Emily, she has come to visit before you can find her in some of my older post, came to visit us today! Emily has been my friend since the 3rd grade. Today we decided it would be fun to spend the day at Balboa park.
Aunte Em loves pushing Alison in her stroller

It was a bright day so mommy made sure Alison was protected with suncreen, a hat, a her sunglasses.

Emily cooling off in the Balboa fountain with the children

Mommy and Alison checking out the fountain

Aunte Em took Alison in for a closer look

Alison likes the fountain and she likes watching the children playing in it.

Smile for mommy Alison

We went to the artistic village in Balboa Park. Its a place where all these artist work and sell their art. We both thought the painted stones were pretty.

Mommy and Alison under an arch in the sculptors guild area.

After walking around for awhile we decided it was time to get some food and spread out our picnic blanket in the shade of a tree. Alison got to eat some of mommy's chicken from her grilled chicken sandwhich. She really likes it (especially when mommy put a little ketchup on it!) Here is Alison licking the ketchup that didnt quite make it into her mouth.

Alison trying to crawl

Why am I not moving forward?

Aunte Em helps Alison take baby steps

Alison loves her Aunte Em

Mommy and Alison

Alison in front of the lilly pad and coy pond

We got lucky that we picked today to go to Balboa park becuase it was Silent Movie Night at the Spreckles Organ! They were showing the 1927  movie The Yankee Clipper. It didn't occur to me until we were half way through the movie but it was Alison's first time going to a movie!

Alison points out that the projector screen in front of the organ.

We got there really early and were able to watch them set up, they are all volunteers to sometimes things had to come down and then up again :)

Here we are with front row seats! The average attendance for Silent Movie Night is 3,000. Every seat is filled and people start sitting on the ground. Alison had a good time watching all the people.

But when Alison got restless we took turns walking around the pavillion with her

When night fell they started the movie and we got to see 'Hop-Alomg Cassidy' (William Boyd) before he ever did a western movie.

Alison didn't stay awake for the whole movie, it was pretty late I was surprised she stayed up as long as she did! But she was really good and didn't throw a crying fit once!

We took this picture of the Organ pavillion when we were walking back to the car, the picture is no where near as pretty as it actually was, all the little lights shining in the dark ourlining the pavillion. We had a really fun day.

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