Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sitting Up in the Bath!

Alison really likes eating fig and eating yogurt. Her favorite fruit of the moment is easily fig. Luckily its really easy to make fig baby food. I just use the dehydrated kind, cut them up, boil them in a little bit of water, dump the figs and water into the baby food processor and voila! Figgy baby food!

Here is Alison on the couch after eating her figgy baby food.

This is the only picture on the couch I got of her looking at me

Most of the time she was watching the ceiling fan.
This is one of her new outfits, daddy picked this one out for her. We always look at the baby clothes section at Costco to see if there is anything cute.

Alison is sitting up so well that I thought she might enjoy sitting up in the bath all by herself. We don't have any grips on the bottom of our tub so I put a beach towel down so she wouldn't slide around.

After her bath we all got dressed to go out for dinner at Claim Jumpers (so good!) Chris has out of town work friends in so we met them for dinner. Alison was so good and was really interested in the little girl sittin at the table next to ours.

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