Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emily's Last Day and Daddy Returns!

Emily has to work tomorrow back in LA so today is her last day. But Alison and I wont be alone for long! Daddy comes home tonight! He got home so late that I didn't take any pictures. We picked him up from the airport at 11:30!

Alison had some yogurt and baby rice cereal before we left and she got to use her special bib, made just for her by Great Grandma Edith, it is so soft and pretty!

Can I have some more yogurt please?

Emily wanted to find a tea infuser, so we went to a couple places, and we went to Michaels becuase its just fun to go there.

Alison is a pirate

She likes being a pirate!

We said our good-bye's to Aunte Em and she was on her way back to LA. I got Alison to bed early to make up for having to wake her up to pick up daddy! He offered to get a cab so Alison could just sleep but I knew Alison wanted to see her daddy as much as her daddy wanted to see her!

Alison was pretty tired when I put her in the car seat but when we got in the car she talked and gurgled the whole way there. And then when daddy got in the car she was laughing so hard it made all of us laugh. She was so happy to see daddy at long last!

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