Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alison's Baby Dedication

Today was a wonderful day. Chris and I got up with Alison in front of our church and dedicated ourselves to raising Alison the way God wants us to, by word, example and by bringing her to His assemblies.

Here is a really nice family picture!
Our good friend Tawny and her son were able to come and she took some pictures for us!
Thanks Tawny!

Here is the Dedication:

You come before this Church family to make a covenant with God and His Church, as you raise your child. You present yourselves before God this day, and before your Church family. You come asking for His divine wisdom, guidance, and His providential blessing as you raise your child. You come to dedicate yourselves to God’s service, to make a covenant with Him, and to ask His blessing on you.
You promise to love your child, as God loves us. You promise to discipline your child, as He disciplines us. You promise to teach your child to love God and to love His church. You promise to faithfully bring your child to the assemblies of God’s people, to tell your child the providential ways the He has worked in our lives, and the lives of other
Parents Answer:
We lovingly accept this responsibility and we dedicate ourselves to the teaching of the ways of Christ to our child.
Alison was presented with her very own Children's Bible! On the inside they put the dedication and this:
We present these Bibles to you, this day on August 15th, 2010 by the Canyon View Church of Christ Elders, in San Diego, California.

When you are old enough to read this you may be far away from us, or those who gave this to you may be gone from this life. This Bible was given to you by people who were concerned about you, who have prayed for you, who wanted to give you something, that would last for the rest of you life. In this book are the words of God.

Treasure this book. Read it every day. The answer to every problem you will have in life is in this book. Memorize these words. Write them on your heart and know that wherever you go our hearts and prayers go with you.

All the family's standing up together

Praying for guidance and for our children

Alison and her daddy

After Church (and Chris' haircut) Tawny and Caden came over to celebrate Alison's dedication. Caden really likes Alison and she really likes him too!

Alison with her new Bible

Holding her very own Bible

I hung up some pom pom balls, Chris made steak and I made all the fixins'

I also got a little cake
I didn't let Alison have any though, I think she is still too young for that much sugar!
Here is Tawny and Caden. Caden got some muck on his shirt so Chris let him borrow a cool marine shirt!
Caden's daddy is a marine too but on deployment. He calls marine clothing 'daddy clothes' so this was a daddy shirt. 
After Alison's nap, she and Caden read together

And played together!

Tawny got Alison this nice book to help us teach Alison about the Lord
It's really cute combining facts about animals but incorporating God in as well and asking questions.

Today was a really great day. We are so thankful to have such a nice chuch that would organize the dedication and such nice friends to help us celebrate! I have to admit that having Alison has made me want to be a better Christain. I am reading my Bible more and praying a whole lot more! I would like to ask that everyone reading this would pray for Chris, Alison and I to grow up together as a family the way God wants us to. Thank you.

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