Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

Alison in the family room

Alison and I had a nice day at home. I made her some spinach baby food for lunch and took a picture of it.
I love how bright it is and it tasted good if you like cooked spinach
(which I do and Ali seems ok with it).

I like making Alison her food in the baby processor, not only does it make me feel like I am giving her the healthiest food I can, its so easy! It takes me maybe 10-15 minutes and I can make her enough food to last two weeks (I freeze perfectly portioned baby food in the little white cups and they fit nicely inside a big ziplock container). I also make her fresh baby food all the time depending on what I am eating (like the spinach today!). If I am eating something I think she might like (cooked carrots, squash, chicken...) I can just put some pieces in the processor. It seems easier than buying little jars although little jars are probably more portable. Good thing we eat 97% of our meals at home!

My what big eyes you have

Alison really likes playing with her Winnie the pooh play table.
I took one side of the legs off so she wouldn't have to stand up while I was busy doing dishes. We got the play table to encourage her to pull herself up and to hold herself up but she still falls over a lot so I only let her play with it as a table when I can sit right next to her. Hopefully her balance will start steadily improving.

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