Sunday, August 1, 2010


Daddy was able to come with us to church today. Alison with her teething doesn't do too well in worship so daddy took her to the nursery and stayed with her. When I came back to pick up my kids the nursery women told me about how cute they thought it was Alison saying "da-da". Officialy her first word because she knows what it means.

Alison and I went with daddy to his Sunday haircut. The ladies there love Alison.
Here is Chris putting her back in her car seat so we can go to Target.

She looks so small compared to her daddy
Alison fell asleep before we made it to Target (seriously a 5 minute drive)
She doesn't sleep out in public very often anymore (too interesting) so I had to take a picture.
We got Alison her new car seat, this one is getting a little snug. The only problem is the new one your supposed to wait till your baby is a year old to use but we didnt want to spend $90 on a 'stage 2' cat seat. So it looks like Alison is going to be spending a bit more time in this one. We want to wait till she is a little closer to twelve months before we make the switch. She is still under the weight limit for this one but when she is ready for the switch her new Graco 3-in-one purple cat seat is waiting in its box for mom and dad to put in the car! We like the seat we picked out becuase it starts at 20 pounds (Alison is 18 pounds) with the baby 5 point harness and turns into a toddler seat and then into a booster so as long as this thing doesn't wear out it will be the only car seat she will need (which is great because car seats ain't cheap!)

We spent the rest of our Sunday in family time. I love my little family I do feel really blessed. Two weeks until Alison's baby dedication at church. I submitted our pictures that they will use during the cerimony and Chris is going to be there! I am going to try and find someone to record it but I honestly don't know very many people at church, hopefully I can get someone to and will be able to post the cerimony for everyone to see.

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