Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So Sensitive!

Alison in her new pajamas getting ready to go to the store

Alison and I spent pretty much all day inside and even though I had Alison ready to go to bed, when daddy asked if we wanted to go with him to get some face soap we were on board!

 I got Chris used to using the Philosophy brand face soap and the only place I know of to get it (other than the internet) is Sephora. I like the boscia soap brand and the Bare Minerals make up which is also at Sephora. We are a family of sensitive skin. We are even careful with what we use on Alison becuase she seems to have sensitive skin too. Recently we have been using the Bert's Baby Bee stuff and it seems to be working well. The Baby Bee Diaper Ointment it the best! It smells better and works 10x better than Butt Paste (which is what we were using).

I thought I was going to bed?
Alison is teething and her Sophie has proved to be a great teething toy

Alison liked getting out and walking around. She likes looking at things and loves spending time with her daddy. Chris really enjoys pushing her in the stroller and making faces at her. We often steal the stroller from each other becuase we both like pushing Alison around so much.

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