Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanging out in the Office

Chris hates my little antique desk, I have had it for several years now. I wanted a desk to keep my odds and ends in but didnt want to spend a bunch on one so I found it at the Goodwill and really like it becuase burned on the wood inside the drawers is "Meredith's Furnature". Anywyas Chris has complained about it since I got it. It found it extremly funny when he asked me if he could use it until he gets his own to put his computer on top of.

We have almost got everything moved into the office but things are quite put together (notice the drawers not in my little desk. Chris is enjoying the office. I put Alison in there with him so they could have some daddy daughter time. I took some pictures too.

Hey Alison

Here is a picture without the flash so you can see how bright Chris' super computer is.

Hey, play with me!

Look at these toys!
These are the upstairs toys, since we spend most of our time downstairs  she doesn't play with these as often making them very interesting.

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