Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zoo Day

Chris' good friend Michael came into town for work and stayed with us.
He and Alison got along really well, they played and played and played.
Here we are going to Target to get some snacks and water to take with us to the zoo!

We also stopped got some ice cream at Cold Stone.
Alison was more excited after she got the ice cream.
I had my root canal yesterday, pretty quick turn around huh? One day they tell me I need one the next I am in the chair getting one. It went really well and as long as I chew softly and avoid eating on that side of my mouth it doesn't bother me.

Here daddy and Alison at the zoo talking about the animals.

Our little monkey!

Two cute Koalas sitting on a branch.

It was really crowded at the zoo but we had a good time.There were lots of animals to see and Chris took some pictures as well....I might have to sneak some onto the blog.... :)

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