Monday, April 9, 2012


Outside! Alison loves being outside. She seems to enjoy playing with her big pink ball the most but likes the bubbles and her slide as well. I hope when we move to Japan that we will have a nice backyard so we can continue to enjoy a little sunshine everyday without leaving the house!

The backyard is looking better. Chris hired some gentlemen to come and work on it twice a month and they have done a really great job! They trimmed all the trees and bushes, cleaned up the flower beds and Chris is fertilizing the lawn trying to get it to perk up a little. Things are looking pretty good around here!

I'm getting bigger! This pregnancy has been making me pretty tired but everything is progressing really well. Alison will occasionally come up to me and put her hands on my stomach and say "baby in mommy's tummy!" 
I think she is looking forward to having another kid in the house to play with. I am really looking to having another kid in the house too! We should be finding out the sex of the baby on May 1st. Do we want a boy or a girl? Well, I love having a little girl so much that I would love to have another but a boy would really shake things up around here! Chris wants a boy but he agrees with me that it would be nice if Alison got to have a little sister too! So far on names we like Lilian Juliette and Eric Grayson.

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