Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter was so much fun! Alison was a little older this year and was able to wear a dress that Baba had made for me when I was a little girl, and she of course looked very cute.
Alison looking at the egg in her basket, she was more interested in the one egg in her basket (that our dear friend Nancy had put in there) than actually looking for any!

"Well look at this"

Alison didn't want to hug the Easter bunny this year but she enjoyed watching him hug the other children and she even showed him how she hopped liked a bunny and thanked him for her Easter gifts.

The egg hunt after most of the eggs had been collected

Alison still admiring her egg.
The lady who was putting out eggs noticed that Alison wasn't actually collecting eggs and put an egg in her little basket. It was very nice of her since we were not going to collect any more eggs for Alison since she seemed happy enough with just the one and the other kids were having so much fun collecting them. Alison was very excited about having 2 purple eggs! 

Alison got some jelly beans in one of her eggs!
"Look mommy!"

Daddy and Alison hanging out enjoying watching the other kids.

Our Easter family picture, with Alison sneakily making a funny face!
Of the two eggs Alison got, one of them had a "come to the front desk for a special prize" piece of paper in it.
We did and they gave us a envelope (worth $350!!) with a parking pass and 4 park hopper tickets for
 Legoland!! I am really excited to go back to Legoland especially their aquarium which we didn't have tickets for the one time we went. Since there are 4 tickets we invited Nancy to come with us, she is from California but has never been!

After the egg hunt and before brunch the country club set out a craft area for the kids.
Daddy and Alison worked on a coloring page.

Daddy opens a sticker up for Alison
Alison put the yellow egg sticker in the basket and colored the baby chick red.

Nancy made Alison a bunny crown!

Cutest Easter Bunny there!

Alison really liked Nancy. At home she had shown her all her toys and at the event Alison enjoyed Nancy holding her hand and wanted to be picked up by her. As you can see Nancy was very pleased to have such a small fan.

On our table, they folded the napkins to look like bunnies!

Alison sat in a chair like a big girl!
Baba sitting by the window enjoying her food

Alison ate really well! There was bacon and pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, fruit and french fries!

Walking home with her little basket!

Down the hill!

Nancy got Alison a tube of jelly beans so we poured a good amount in her Easter basket and boy was Alison happy about that!!

Chris got me some flowers this week and most of them had bloomed just in time for Easter!
I hung some little decorations from the flowers and it made a very fun and festive table centerpiece.
Thanks Chris for the pretty flowers!
I didn't get a picture of her Easter basket before it was all taken out but here is what was in her basket!
Some bubbles, 3 little baby chicks, a Peter Rabbit chocolate bunny (just like the one she got last year) and two spring time bunny Big Little Golden Books!

I stitched up the little baby chicks myself using a pattern I found here.
Although in the pattern they add wire legs but I thought they would be more toy like without them.
Alison really seemed to like them and had them hop around saying "peep peep peep!"

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!
I hope the blessing of Christ is in your heart and that this year we can all strive to be a little more worthy of his sacrifice and the miracle of his resurrection. Happy Easter!


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    1. Thanks! What a nice thing to say and I am going to check out your blog right now!