Monday, April 16, 2012

Bye Bye Baby

A few things happened today, it started with Alison getting her balance bike. Unfortunately when we tried to put it together we weren't able to. 

Our dear sweet Marty cat is starting a new adventure of his own.
 Our move to Japan forced us to make some hard choices. Apparently the pet military housing is an hour away from where Chris is going to work so we knew that taking Marty with us would be a hardship. We thought about sending him to live with my brother, who readily agreed to help us bless his heart, for the three years we are gone. But then we started to really think about what was best for Marty.
Marty does not like Alison and Alison LOVES Marty. 
The older Ali gets the more interested she gets in Marty. She is constantly trying to pet him and really enjoys chasing him. We started thinking that it was only a matter of time before Marty bit her or scratched her with his back paws. It was this that made us decide that it might be better for us to find Marty a permanent new home. Luckily for us at Easter we talked to our friend Nancy about our situation and she told us that she has been thinking about getting a new cat for awhile and might be interested in taking Marty in.
She lost a cat to old age about a year ago and has been thinking about getting a new one since.
She has a closed in patio so Marty would be able to spend time outside, which he loves, and she has another cat so he wouldn't be alone while she was at work and best of all she's a big cat person.
Well she decided to give it a go and today Marty is moving in.
I have to say that although we are sad to see our little furry baby go and we are already missing him its a very soothing balm to know that he is going to live somewhere where he will be happier. Where he will be able to lay out on the floor without worrying about a 2 year old running in and trying to play with him.
Marty, we are going to miss you but we hope you find your own kitty happiness in your new home.

After our good byes with Marty we took Alison's balance bike to A&A Muffler in Poway and this guy, I'm sorry I don't remember his name!, was nice enough to help us get the little bike put together!
In Oklahoma, if you have a metal issue with a toy there is a muffler shop that fixes toys for free so we figured that's where we would start.
I didn't take any pictures today of Alison on her bike but I promise I will get some posted!

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