Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playtime at the Park

I had to go on base today for a prenatal doctor's appointment. We decided to see how Alison handled going to the doctor's office with mommy (in hopes that she can go to the May 1st ultrasound where they use the good machine and will hopefully be able to tell us if we are having a boy or a girl), so Baba and Alison came along too! End result, Alison hates going to the doctors office and really didn't like them taking my blood pressure and checking the baby with an ultrasound. Bad news Alison won't be going to the May 1st ultrasound. The good news is otherwise the appointment was great! The doctor said everything was perfect, baby has a strong heart beat and both of us are doing great! The due date was moved to September 11th and that makes me 18 weeks pregnant. Things sure are moving along!

 After the appointment we stopped and got Ali an ice cream cone and took her to the park on base.

Alison sitting with her ice cream watching the other kids playing.
It was a pretty nice day, a little chilly but there were a lot of kids out!

Baba holding Ali's hands as she slides down the slide!

Brave Alison walks up the stairs to the slide!
She went down the slide several times and really seemed to enjoy taking turns with the other kids.

She didn't mind going up the stairs but she needed someone to hold her hands while she slid down!
Maybe when she's a little bigger she will be running around the playground with the best of them! 

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