Sunday, April 1, 2012


Emily and I made a big Brunch today and it looked so nice I had to take a picture! 
We had fruit, rolls, bacon, eggs and pancakes!
Chris had to go to his haircut but we saved some for him!

Alison really enjoyed the fruit and bacon!

After brunch, we drove out to the San Diego Birch Aquarium 
We took Alison to an aquarium in Hawaii but she was a bit too young to fully enjoy it, this time she was really excited to see all the fish and wanted to stand and watch at each of the tanks.
Chris decided to stay home and have some rare quiet time.

Auntie Em hold Alison up for a better look!

Inside one of the Jelly Fish aquariums, the had a light that changed colors making the fish light up as red, green and of course blue!
A very small jelly fish in another tank.

Alison checking out the tiny jelly fish

Big Eels, Alison found these too scary to get very close to their tank!

Alison really enjoyed the giant tank that was filled with lots of fish and even a few sharks!

We spent quite some time at this beautiful tank.

Not a very good picture but these are shark eggs!
It was neat because you could see the little baby sharks inside the eggs wiggling around!

Outside checking out the tide pools

Alison walking around checking things out.
I offered to take a picture of a couple and they offered to take a picture of us in return!
Here we all are, having a great time at the aquarium.

After all that walking at the aquarium we decided to get something to eat.
I have always wanted to check out the Hotel del Coronado , a famous hotel in San Diego.
We went to one of the restaurants and got some really delicious burgers and french fries at the hotel's Babcock & Story bar. They had a few other places to eat including seating outside but it was just too chilly to enjoy it. fun fact: you can park in the $16 parking lot for free if you validate your parking by buying something at the hotel! 

Alison and Auntie Em playing as we waited for our food.

Mommy had a great time sharing a day with some of her favorite people.

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