Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aunte Em comes to visit!

My long time friend Emily came down from LA to see us and Baba. Emily has been my friend since the 3rd grade and so is lovely called Auntie Em'.
We decided to spend the day in Old Town. Alison and Auntie Em found a nice plot of green grass to run around!


There were a lot of giggles 

We walked to a Mexican restaurant while and passed some horses and a buggy!
We all stopped to admire the big horses. 
Eating together

Well some of us played more than they ate ;)

We walked around the shops and Baba found a cold glass bottle of coke.

Alison found a rainbow sprinkle cookie!

The cookie lasted a really long time, and Alison sure enjoyed having a special treat on her special day out with the ladies.
Alison, still holding her cookie, sitting on a rock in Old Town that commemorates the first spot where an American flag was flown in Southern California. There was a nice little plaque on the rock but I forgot to take a picture!

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