Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Walk to Jamba Juice!

Mommy had a Jamba Juice craving and since its not too far from our house we decided it would be fun to load Alison up in her stroller, plop a hat on her cute little head and walk there!

Let's Go!
With animal crackers and a bottle of water Alison is ready for the long walk!

Mommy and Alison got a Veggie-Fruit Smoothie Apple's n' Greens.
It had spinach and kale and other goodness in it and tasted good too!
Daddy got a coffee-chocolate and peanut butter smoothie :)
I took a tiny sip and it was really yummy.

Back home, Chris has been putting new grass seeds down and fertilizer to help perk up our grass.
We have some yard people coming over to spruce up our yard and they will be maintaining it twice a month until we get the house sold. Moving and getting the house ready is a lot of work, especially when you add a pregnancy and a cute but very active two year old to the mix!

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