Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seaport Village

Hi Everyone! Yea! New blog post! I have been resting and taking things pretty easy lately but I am starting to feel so much better! My morning sickness is no where near as bad as it was with Alison but it was still not that great. Mainly I was REALLY tired.

Normally we try and go out for a family activity every weekend, be it the park or just going out to eat, just to bond a little and have together time. This weekend Seaport Village was having a festival with street performers and even though the weather was a little cold and really windy I was sick of being inside and wanted to go anyways!

Fire Hula Hoop!

This poor guy was a volunteer and the performer jumped on his back and managed to crawl around him and end up on his shoulders, it was pretty funny.

Once up on his shoulders, juggling with fire!

One of the pretty walkways in Seaport Village. It's such a charming shopping area with little places to sit and enjoy the view. You can watch boats go by and let your kids play on the grassy areas. Although today we were focused on getting inside the restaurant since it was so windy and sprinkling a little!

Alison ate like a champ! She ate all her mac and cheese and half the little bowl of ice cream she got for dessert! Chris and I really love this place, Harbor House, the first time we ate here was before Alison was born and Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank were visiting. They have amazing oysters which being pregnant I was not able to partake! I did however get a nice bowl of crab bisque and watched the hubs have an oyster and a stack of ahi tuna. Love living by the ocean!

Alison did really well with her fork. We are trying to figure out if she is left or right handed. She seems to color mostly with her left hand but seems to be more comfortable eating with her right! 

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