Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's a Boy!

We had our ultrasound today and we were able to see some boy bits!
We are so very excited about adding a little boy to our family! I can't tell you much about the ultrasound because I wasn't able to see the screen most of the time but Chris and my mother were able to!
Alison doesn't handle being in the doctor's office very well so we made her an appointment in the Children's Waiting Room, a drop in day care at the hospital. She was not happy when we dropped her off but was doing OK as long as someone was holding her when we picked her up.
Alison taking comfort from being read to.
This is where she was when we came to pick her up (took the picture through the window and she didn't see us) The ladies who worked there said that they held her the entire hour she was there. Bless their hearts.
This was Alison's first experience at a daycare.

Of course when she saw us it was "Why did you leave me!!?"

To celebrate our good news we went out to eat and while we were waiting for our table I asked my mom if she would mind taking a family picture. Alison was more interested in the stuffed moose (it was Claim Jumpers) hanging on the wall than the camera. Its amazing to think that in 4 months-ish there will be another little face in our family pictures!

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