Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baba's Birthday!

We felt so lucky to be able to celebrate Baba's 60th Birthday at our house!
Boompa, Alison and I snuck out early to pick up cinnamon rolls and flowers!
The lady at the bakery even gave us a little green "Happy Birthday" pick to put in Baba's roll.

Baba asked Alison to help her blow out the candle after we sang.

Boompa came into town for a week to celebrate and to spend some time with us before the big move.

Alison was a little hesitant at first but after she tried her roll she ate the whole thing! 
(well the half of a roll we gave her as she had already had oatmeal) 
Alison loves to smell flowers and wanted to smell Baba's little roses.

We took today pretty easy. We are planning on going to Mission Bay this weekend to hang out andcook hot dogs and smores over a fire pit!

Birthday dinner! My customary paper pom pom balls are hanging over the table.
I got them almost 2 years ago and they have been used for every birthday and celebration since! 
Unfortunately all my other birthday decorations were already packed!

Baba's red velvet birthday cupcake!
(it fell over and got smooshed on one side but still tasted good!)

Baba wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast and snuggle with Alison and Boompa.

Out take:

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