Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We are moving to Okinawa Japan in July and to help us look forward to it a bit more I thought I would do a little research! I thought I would share a few fun things with you.

-Being overseas means we qualify for special tuition assistance for military spouses called STAP. Which would be great in helping me get my Masters!
-There is an amazing aquarium which I am really looking forward to taking the kids to called the Churaumi Aquarium. Here is a picture of their big tank!

- Southeast Botanical Garden, another spot I want to check out!

-Rainbow House! I am looking forward to visiting this shop. It's a 2 story fabric and craft store that, according to the military wives who reviewed it, is really awesome.

- Lastly Care Packages! We will be getting an APO/FPO address, which is a special address for military people overseas. AND the post office has a flat rate box ($13.95, $2 cheaper than its domestic twin). You can order their "America Supports You" box online HERE.
 I'm not sure if you can get it at the post office....Grandpa Garry?
***Grandma Carolyn went to the post office and asked about the APO/FPO boxes and they told her that every box qualifies for the rate! Thanks Grandma!!***
So....if you want to send us a little piece of America this is probably the best way to do it!

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