Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mission Bay Birthday

To celebrate Baba's 60th Birthday she wanted to wait till the weekend and go out to mission bay roast marshmallows and hot dogs and have a nice outside day.
 We waited till Saturday so Aunt Emily could drive down from LA.
I got Alison a kite that looks like a biplane and everyone took a turn flying it.

Alison's first kite

Boompa helping Alison fly the kite, she LOVED it!

Alison taking a little reading break, and yep she wanted to wear her rain boots to the beach.

Emily eating a smore!
So glad she was able to come down and visit!

Boompa really enjoyed sitting by the water.

Alison had a great time running around

Pregnant me!

Bubble time!

Checking out the boat dock with Baba

Chris wasn't able to make it out to the beach but he was at home waiting for us!
A realtor, who ended up not showing up, called Chris and told him there was a couple in from Japan who wanted to see our house and since we haven't been showing our house, not to mention we have company over, Chris went home to tidy things up and meet with the realtor.
I am so glad we aren't putting the house on the market till after we move out. I really don't like the idea of stranger walking through my home.

A proper birthday cake for Baba!
Fudge chocolate with chocolate icing.

Since we were having cake so late Alison got yogurt instead.
She seemed really happy about it.

Aunte Em took some really cute pictures of Alison with her phone and I wanted to share!
Thanks Aunte Em!

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