Monday, November 5, 2012

My Beautiful Family

Chris home for some lunch.
I made him a little something while he played with the kids.

Ethan checking out his sister

Sister checking out little brother

I had some nice quiet time during naps today and finished the embroidery part of Alison's birthday crown!
All that's left is to attach some ribbon or elastic to the back so she can wear it, I haven't quite decided which.
Speaking of birthday, Alison got an early gift that we will be marking on the big day!
We picked up the most beautiful growth chart to track the kids growth.

Here is a close up of the bottom of the chart which is a tree covered in all sorts of little things.
Alison has really been having fun pointing out all the little animals.

The upper part of the chart. Beautiful.

Ethan likes to keep mommy up really late!
The nice part about that is I get some quality time with the little guy bad part: its makes for a sleepy morning for mommy!
Here is a picture of him as we play on a nice soft blanket on the floor.


  1. Attach ribbons (several of them) and let them hang down like a MayDay crown.....she'll love that.......

    1. May Day Crowns! We might have to figure out a way to make one this's going to be sad missing the May Fair this year with no Waldorf school!!!