Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saint Nicholas Day

This is our second year to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day and I am so glad we have incorporated this holiday into our calendar! This year was a very relaxed calm celebration and since I forgot to have Alison set her boots out the night before we were lucky that while Alison was admiring the Pyramids Saint Nicholas slipped in a filled her boots up! He must have realized that mommy is still adjusting to having two kids instead of one! What a great guy, or in the words of Alison "He's a good guy" She says this almost everyday while looking seriously at Ethan.

Look at that smile! Alison loves the pyramids and today was the first time we lit them up. She loves watching the figures move. The candle light in our dimmed dining room made it feel so magical and special.

I read her a story about Saint Nicholas as a child from our Saint Nicholas book.
Last year I read I read a story a night leading up to Saint Nicholas Day but I think it was a bit too much for Alison to take in so this year I settled for just reading the story of when he was a boy.

Alison received "Flicka, Ricka, Dicka Bake a Cake", some chocolate and two little wood figures.
Alison loves the Flicka, Ricka, Dicka books. There are seven and this is her third one....and I heard she might be getting one more from Santa on Christmas....

 A little girl and a goose!
Ethan enjoyed watching the pyramids too! He sat quietly listening while I read from the book and Alison ate her chocolate and listened as well. After I read the Saint Nicholas story Alison dashed over to the couch and started reading her new book.

And I played with Ethan who was mesmerized by my finger!
I really enjoy that we set aside time on Saint Nicholas Day to have a fun small celebration and learn about how God wants us to share with others and help those less fortunate. The story we read emphasized giving as well as forgiving someone even when they do something mean to you; an important lesson for a toddler!
To freely give and forgive!

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!


  1. Alison looks so beautiful and happy in the picture with the candles lit. I love the expression on Ethan's face watching your finger. You're doing a wonderful job teaching your children all the right things.