Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Concert

An excited Alison waiting by the door in her pretty Christmas dress and pretty beaded cardigan.
She was very excited to go see the "talent show"
I didn't take a picture of Ethan but he was wearing pajamas and slept through the entire concert, even when the band came out and surrounded the audience and there was a trombone not two feet away form him, Ethan slept on. I am guessing its a perk of living with a toddler!

It was a really fun concert and they played a variety of music from classical to popular, a little something for everyone to enjoy. We sat with some neighbors and their two little girls. Poor daddy was on a work trip so missed this fun outing.

Grandma Carolyn actually sent me a clip of the concert!!
Here is the Marine Band doing a Christmas interpretation of "Gangnam Style" 
the whole show was wonderful and we had a great time. Before the show USO people handed out Christmas cards made by children back in the US wishing us a merry Christmas and thanking the marines for their service. After the show there were no joke, at least 4 to 5 tables loaded down with home made cookies for everyone to grab (free) and the band lined up so the kids could come and see them up close and really get a look at their instruments. It was a really fun night, Alison and I had a blast.


  1. That was an awesome concert. The Marines did a really good job. Thanks to Grandma Brown for posting the video. My granddaughter and grandson look gorgeous.

  2. Got to see your latest post. I love them. Looks like Eathan and Alison are growing up too fast. They will be grown children when I get to see them next so these pictures are the next best thing.