Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mommy Friends Christmas Party

Avera, Audrey, Ethan, and Payton (who appears to be rolling his eyes at the ridiculous amount of picture taking that went on hee hee)
What Happens when you have a party with mom's and babies?
LOTS of pictures of the babies together!

Of course occasionally the mommies had to reach in and sooth the babies
.......wait that's not Ethan's mom......(best big sister ever huh?)

 Ethan- "Dude, they're still taking pictures"
Payton- "I know right?" *eye roll* 

 My handsome boy

Alison wanted to be in a picture too. My how she has grown in only 3 short years!
According to this picture she is easily 8 feet tall! 

Payton- "Boys rule!"

 Payton and his pretty mommy Crystal

 Meredith & Ethan
Kayla & Audrey
Josaline & Avery

We had a wonderful time. It's always fun to get together with other moms and hang out.


  1. BoomPa loves babies. I would love to be there when they were all lined up and waiting to be held. Well maybe you will be in the US when your next child is born.

    1. Oh dad, you just want to have a swarm of grand kids don't you?