Wednesday, December 12, 2012


All the ingredients ready to make some "lussekatt" or simply saffron buns for Saint Lucia day!
See my little late night helper? Ethan loves sitting in the high chair and watching me work in the kitchen, what a good son.
Last year I really wanted to make a batch of these buns but it didn't end up happening so I was determined to make them this year! Saint Lucia Day is one of the many holidays celebrated in the Waldorf school and one I have enjoyed adding to our list of celebrated holidays. 

The saffron
The saffron makes the dough so yellow and pretty!
I can understand how such a sunny yellow bun would be used to celebrate a Saint who brings light (Saint Lucia is the one who has the wreath of candles on her head) 

The dough.
This is my first time making these so at this point I am really hoping they turn out!
The dough itself was velvety smooth, it was really a nice texture to work with.

I rolled the dough into long strips and curled them
On the cooling rack!
These little guys took awhile to make but were worth it. 
A wonderful treat to have with tea.
If Alison was older she would have made these and served them to us in the morning. But since she is a bit young mommy will be helping her :) Maybe next year, can hardly believe that she will be 4 next year! My my how the time flies!  

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