Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Fair

Alison, Ethan and I went to the Holiday Fair and met up with our good friend Crystal and her daughter Calli and son Payton. Alison thinks Calli is something pretty special (and she really is a very lovely little girl to be around) 
Ali and Calli

"The Boys"
Ethan and Payton.


Alison "let" little brother hold Buddy while she went running around playing.
Ethan slept, being pushed around in his stroller seems to really relax our little guy.

My lovely friend Crystal and her festive hat!

Calli going up the stairs to get into the trampoline jumping harness and Alison trying to follow her. Alison didn't want to jump but she wanted to be wherever Calli was!  

I love spending time with our new friends but I have to admit I really miss the festivals in America, especially at our dearly missed Waldorf School. I miss the Christmas lights too, driving through neighborhoods lit up and with their fancy decorations. I miss having a Christmas tree, ours is somewhere in the US in storage. Maybe next year we will be able to snag a live tree when we hopefully are a two working cars family. Christmas trees around here are a hot commodity!

 The festivals that we have been to here are just carnivals with some holiday decorations. There was a Santa Clause at this fair but the line was probably 2-3 hours long (it was not just sit on Santa's lap but also get a free present from Santa) and the chances of Alison actually agreeing to sit on a strangers lap Santa or not.....well needless to say I didn't want to bet two hours on it.
This festival was open to the Okinawan people and it was interesting to see that a lot of them came just to get boxes of Pizza and boxes of Dunkin' Donuts! I never thought about "American" food as simple as pizza and donuts being alluring enough to bring people to a crowded fair!

Just to let everyone know, we unfortunately missed the deadline for sending Christmas cards to arrive in the US on time :-( BUT after I get Alison and Ethan's pictures done I am wanting to do a really late birth announcement for Ethan. I figure everyone who loves us will be happy to get a birth announcement even if it is a bit late and features a 3 month old instead of a newborn. When to expect all honesty probably February since I have to wait to get the edited pictures and then order the cards to be made in America to be sent to Japan just to be sent back to you all in America, what a mess huh?!
On that note, my address book has not turned up. I already have several addresses re-collected since people have been kind enough to send us holiday, baby, well wishes cards and letters but if you can think of someone who would like a "better late than never" birth announcement please email me their address!
Hope everyone's holiday is going smoothly as we celebrate the most important birthday of the year!

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  1. It looks like everybody is having a good time. A bit surprised to see the jackets but I guess it gets chilly when it's overcast