Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Oh Christmas Branch, Oh Christmas Branch, Your Leaves are so Unchanging!"

My dear sweet boy napping away while I make cookies for a very small mommies of newborns Christmas party/cookie and gift exchange.
These might be the best cookies ever. 
I did change up the recipe a little, I used more white chocolate chips, omitted the mint chocolate bits and added the candy cane bits to the batter....wish I would have taken a better picture as these cookies are very pretty and festive! I separated them into bags for our cookie exchange, because when you have a baby sometimes all you can manage to do is grab a bag! 

Chris brought home a surprise! a wonderful care package!
Thank you! Chris was very excited about the Louisville shirts!

Ethan seemed to really like them too!

 Alison REALLY wanted a Christmas tree and while we were out walking she saw a bush with lots of little Christmas trees on it and pointed it out to me. She picked out her favorite, mommy plucked it off the bush, and Ali carried it all the way home!
She was very excited to wake up after her nap to see that mommy had decorated it. 
One of her books is Tomtem and the fox and it takes place around Christmas so I used her Tomtem and fox toys as decorations, deconstructed cotton balls for snow, her baby doll as a baby Jesus, white yarn and a paper star for the tree and of course the other little treasures we found on our walk, a smooth stick and a little rock.
This might go down as one of my most favorite Christmas trees.

Ethan likes it too ;)

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