Monday, January 14, 2013

No Nap Time!

I told Alison she could play quietly in her bed.
She took that as "I will move all my toys onto the bed and play quietly"
this is what I found when I went to check on her, and yes she is having a tea party complete with her doll table and chairs on her bed.
I think next time I will have to make me intent a bit more clear.
(don't you just want to cut those bangs!! It's so hard not too!! I hope they hurry up and grow out already!!)

Look at those stormy blue eyes.
Baba sewed Ethan up a Pokey Little Puppy crib sheet. He is also supposed to be taking a nap but is happily playing in his bed as well, minus all the toys.


  1. I can see Alison has her mother's way of deviating things into her conveniece!!! Love it love it love it....Ethan's eyes are so pretty

  2. I wonder how long you are going to let Alison's bangs get? She can hardly see now.

  3. we are wanting them to grow out, so a lot longer!!