Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Love

Alison really wishes she was small enough for this swing.
Overall my opinion about baby gear is that most of it is unnecessary (of course there are obvious exceptions: clothing, place to sleep, car seat, stroller...) but when it came to the swing it was the one unnecessary baby item I didn't want to do without. Alison had one when she was a baby and it was one of the only things that helped our crying baby Alison fall asleep. Ethan is so mellow but he still really likes sleeping in the comfort of the swing.
Alison will rock herself like this for 20-60 minutes.
I wonder if she remembers her own time passed sleeping away in the swing?

Ethan is growing so quickly.


Ethan really seems to enjoy sitting quietly and looking around at things.

Alison has been potty training and we got her some "potty presents"
She is really into mommy and baby so when I saw this matching game I knew she would like it.
instead of matching up identical cards you match up the mommy animal with the baby animal.
I tried to play the memory game with her where you flip the card over and try to find the match but she enjoyed matching them up side by side without using them as a game more.
Her favorite set is the Seahorse mommy and her fry babies.

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  1. Ethan's facial expressions are priceless! I wonder how many sayings could others come up with to match his expressions....LOL