Saturday, January 12, 2013

Japan Life

One of the most wonderful things about living in Okinawa is the wonderful friends we have made!
Crystal and her girl scout daughter, who Alison adores, is one of my mommy friends who had a baby boy a couple weeks after I had Ethan.
She called me up and asked if the kids and I would like to go to "Sushi go Round" which is what American's call any Japanese restaurant where there sushi goes by on a little conveyer belt and you grab what you want as it passes by. It's funny the names people come up with for places around town but necessary since no Americans that I know read Japanese!

We are in a area of town called "American Village" and its a fun place to shop and eat.

You know how much something cost by the plate it comes on. 
This is an egg salad sushi roll, I have no idea what kind of egg but it tasted good!

Alison, (ugg her bangs I know!! we are letting them grow out) really loved eating here!

She even tried some fried shrimp!


At this particular eatery there are two things I really like.
When you walk in the little area right before you actually go into the restaurant (the place most stores have to help keep the air conditioning inside) There is a sink to wash your hands! So you don't have to go into the bathroom you can wash up right when you walk in! The other thing is the tea! Instead of them bringing it to you, they have a little hot water dispenser at each table where you can fill your cup up and then grab a little bag of green tea to brew a nice fresh cup to your liking.

Crystal filling up her tea cup and her daughter trying to decide what to try next! 

As you can imagine, blond hair is a rarity in Japan so Japanese people, especially the women, really like to give Alison attention and take her picture.

A another fun thing about Japan is the creative ways they spell and put together American words.
This place is called "Bakary Cafe Happy" and it smelled really good, Alison and I might have to go back sometime for a fresh from the "van turned oven" bread

Chris was able to have some quiet time at home and
Ethan slept for pretty much our entire outing. It's funny to think that for Ethan Japan is "home".

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