Sunday, March 3, 2013

Picture from Chris' Camera

My camera broke so I have been using Chris' camera and I went ahead and put all the pictures that were on his camera on my computer! I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones.


 at the zoo in SD
miss our house

 Love this face!

 Whoa Mama!

first picture with Ethan

Ethan 3 weeks old at the aquarium
 Whale shark!

-end of aquarium pics-

Our apartment building

 Playing in the hallway in our apartment building

Mommy and Ethan out in town, mommy getting a pedicure with some friends!

Alison likes to help cook.

taking care of her babies

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, some were taken by Chris and some by me :) I think his camera takes a really good picture!

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  1. I think both of your cameras take good pictures. I just love to see them. I finally got to see your apartment from the outside. Yea.