Friday, July 6, 2012



I just wanted to pop in to let everyone know whats going on around the 'crazy house'
We FINALLY got our clearance to move to Japan. We have been waiting and waiting and it finally came. Why is this clearance so important? Because apparently you HAVE TO HAVE it in order to get anything for your move accomplished, including scheduling the movers to come pack up your stuff and take it away.
Since it took so long for us to get our idea why...the movers will be coming to pack our stuff up AFTER we leave *sigh* We should be heading out on the 20th and the movers come the 23rd.
Luckily we have some really wonderful friends and one of them has graciously volunteered to be our representative (because someone with power of attorney MUST be there for them to pack your stuff up).

Pregnancy news, everything is going really well.
Sunday I fell off the last few stairs at our house and sprained my foot and bloodied my knee up but luckily I managed to keep my tummy from any harm but just to be safe they had me go to labor and delivery for 20 minutes of fetal monitoring and an ultrasound to make sure nothing was jarred our of place. Everything was thankfully just fine.
When I went to the hospital for the monitoring I was going to drop Alison off at the drop in day care at the hospital. Yea...instead right before I get to the gate Alison throws up all over herself. Luckily she seemed fine and was probably just a little car sickness. Still, I was stressed out (nervous about the fetal monitoring thing) and Alison is crying and I start crying and I call Chris, who is trying his best to get all our moving stuff done, to come rescue us which thankfully he was able to do.
I had a clean shirt in the diaper bag so I was able to get her cleaned up as well as I could with baby wipes and in a clean shirt. After she was all clean and settled into the front seat (while we are in the parking lot) to wait for daddy she was fine and had a great time pushing the radio buttons and sitting in mommy's lap pretending to drive the car.
Daddy came to the rescue, we switched cars and I went to my monitoring and Chris took Alison home for a bath and he cleaned and washed the car seat. My hero and Alison's too.
 Whew that was one heck of a day! Luckily because of my foot I got to spend the next two days off my feet resting and amazingly my super swollen foot is feeling so much better, my knee on the other hand still hurts but seems to be healing as well.

I took a few pictures I will try and post later with some lovely captions. Even though there is a lot of moving stuff going on, house showings we are still trying to have a normal life meeting up with friends and going to the park. Its still crazy to think that in 2 weeks we will be in Japan. What I am not looking forward to is the flight:
2 hour flight to LA
4 hour layover
10 hour flight to Tokyo Japan
4 hour layover
2 hour flight to Okinawa

Yep, 22 hours of traveling and I'll be 32 weeks pregnant.
I am a feeling a bit overwhelmed so if I am not calling as often, or blogging as often you know why!
Hopefully I'll get in one good blog post before we leave complete with lovely pictures. Maybe I'll even get Chris to take a picture of me and my baby boy belly :)

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