Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Long Flight

Long long day.
Flying from San Diego to our new home Okinawa Japan.
It took us almost a full 24 hours to get there.

Alison got a new Beauty and the Beast book for the trip.

She also got some brand new triangle shaped (no roll) crayolas.

Alison seems to really enjoy coloring.

Pregnant mommy. 
32 weeks pregnant on an 11 and 1/2 hour flight from LA to Tokyo.

Alison wearing her little kid headphones watching "The Lorax" movie snuggled in an airplane blanket.

Daddy sitting across the isle watching  movies.

When we landed in Japan we had to go through customs and thus check out our bags and check them in again. It was a bit challenging lugging around two full carts and a stroller especially with a really pregnant swollen pregnant me. Alison cried a lot during this lay over, she was tired and wanted to go home. But she did get a little nap in her stroller for almost an hour. We were all really tired by the time we got on the plane to Okinawa. Chris and Alison passed out almost immediately but the Japanese Airlines plane we took was really warm and I was already swollen and uncomfortable so it took me a while to fall asleep.
We were so happy to land and arrive at the airport. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the orchids  at the airport, it was pretty impressive. The humidity here is crazy high so apparently they grow really really well.

Now we are in the Marine Lodge and are waiting to move into our new housing. We are all ready to get moved and settled in.

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