Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fairwell San Diego!

Here are some pictures from our last month in San Diego. California has really become home to us and we are pretty sad to be leaving but looking forward to having new fun adventures.
June 24th 
Spending some time at Mission Beach. We were supposed to be meeting up with the Waldorf School for a St. John's bonfire but we ended up not being able to find them so we just enjoyed the day with each other.

June 27th
Alison and I met up with daddy for his work farewell lunch at Slaters Burgers, really great burgers fyi. 

July 3
Alison and I were killing some time while our house was being shown.
Here is Alison at Marie Calendars. We had finished eating and still had some time to kill so we smelled the flowers and just spent some time enjoying the nice weather. 

4th of July!
We had a great 4th! I am really glad we were able to be in San Diego so we could spend it with our good friends.

July 5th
Alison and mommy met up with our Waldorf playgroup to attend "Hullabaloo" at the library.
A man and a guitar singing kids song and encouraging them to get up and move around. It was a packed house but we had a great time and went to a local park afterwards.

Alison reading a library book while the other kids watched the man preform lol.

July 19th
Selling my car at Carmax!
I love my car and am really going to miss it.
We got both our cars all cleaned up and detailed and took them in. I got a little less than what I was hoping for but considering how easy they make it to sell your car it was totally worth it.


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