Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Few Pictures

It's been awhile since my last blog post so I am going to put a bunch of days in one!

May 19th

Yep, Alison got into mommy's lipstick, luckily she mainly made a mess of her hands and the tube. 
She loves to get my make up brushes out and rub them on her face and when I put on 'lipstick' I mainly wear lip gloss and chap stick she always wants some too.  

May 23rd
After a really wonderful visit its time for Baba to go back home.
A stop at In and Out Burger before the flight!

Thanks for coming to visit!! We love you!

May 25th
Happy 29th Birthday Daddy!
With everything going on  we spent a nice day at home. Chris played Star Wars and Alison and I made him a big nice breakfast and Mac and Cheese dinner.

Alison enjoying Mac and Cheese dinner.

Happy Birthday Chris!
I am so glad to have you in our lives.

May 28th
Nerding out on the couch.
Alison got some new night gowns from Grandma Carolyn and Grandpa Frank and she LOVES them.
She got one with cupcakes and this one with monkeys on it.
Snuggling next to daddy eating a snack. 

June 1st
Last day of Parent child class at the Waldorf School.

Heading out to the car, snack bag of cheerios in hand.

We put on a pretty dress in honor of the last day

The kids playing in the sand

Alison likes to walk up and down the side walk that surrounds the play area.

Alison loves smelling flowers

Like trying to herd cats.
Alison's classmates.

Alison wants to go back in and play! 

Time to go!
Bye Waldorf School, we're going to miss you!!

We also celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on June 9th. We stayed at home.
Our days have consisted of cleaning, showing our house, and sorting through things. We have put off having a garage sale about four times now it seems. not too bad though since we keep finding more things to sell. Hopefully we will have one this weekend. 
Our move date has been moved, we are going to be staying here an extra week. I have to admit that I am very nervous about that 10 hour plane ride! I ordered some things for Alison today to make the flight easier.
A little bumble bee backpack, triangular shapes crayons (so they don't roll off the tray), a airplane coloring book, a new golden book, and her very own head phones! 
I wish there was something for pregnant ladies to make the flight easier on us!
Hope everyone is doing well!


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  2. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  3. so nice and happy family, Good luck!