Thursday, October 27, 2011

So Pretty

Today was a very normal day at home. The next four days are going to be busy so we just took it easy today. Tomorrow we have the parent-child class at the Waldorf School of San Diego and right after class we pick up daddy from the airport.

Today I let Alison use her child's knife. As you can see lots of concentration was going on.

Ali eventually ate a few bites of chicken and spit out the asparagus and green bean.


My current project. A little dress with a subtle Peter Rabbit print. It still needs the little sleeves, the zipper, and the bottom hemmed but Alison was, surprisingly, really excited about 'pretty dress' and wanted to try it on. I'm guessing it was more that it was something mommy was interested in and so she was interested in it too. There is also a pretty little apron that goes with it, I am just going to make it a nice plain white one.

As soon as she had the dress on she went to her book shelf, grabbed a book and sat down to read. It looks like the dress will be a little loose on her when I'm finished which is what I was hoping for so she can get some wear out of it.

Here  is our nature table, really its a little shelf that Alison can easily access. This is the first season we've had a nature table and I really enjoy looking at it. It changes every now and then with the addition or subtraction of something (destroyed things get removed). I had a little mat down but Alison kept pulling if off causing half the stuff to crash onto the floor, maybe next year we will use a play silk or mat. This year we are using leaves from our back yard. The 'big' pumpkin we picked up when we spent a family day at Oma's Pumpkin Patch. We have been trying to do something as a family every Saturday. A few weeks ago we went to a rodeo in Poway for our family day. 
The only things not from outside are the little autumn gnome, which I made with a little wooden figure and some felt, the little wooden trees which were actually wooden Christmas ornaments I picked up at Michaels. I painted them with some water colors and cut the hanging loop off, I still need to sand the bottoms a little so they can stand on their own (right now I just prop them against something) but they look pretty good!
Here is a really beautiful nature table from another Waldorf family's home off the blog Frontier Dreams:  
I enjoyed looking at her fall decorations so much I actually left a comment! Its the very first one so you can't miss it!

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