Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Please!

Alison is a picky picky eater. It's not that she doesn't like things but rather she doesn't like trying new things, even though it seems 9 times out of 10 she enjoys it.
I giver her cheese every now and then for snack but normally she ignores it. Today mommy was munching on some cheese and Alison thought she might have a bit too and ended up wanting her own slice of cheese!

The cheese is Spring Hill Jersey Cheese, we buy it at the farmers market and love it!
It's organic and 'estate cheese' which means that from start to finish the cheese is made in one location, the cows eat the grass there and their milk is turned into delicious cheese!
I wish we lived closer to their farm (which is in Petaluma, close to Sacramento) because they have Cheese Tours where you can see the cows and sample some cheese!

Sorry about the cell phone picture but oh well!
Alison is playing her xylophone and singing the "ABC" song. Occasionally we get the nesting blocks out and pretend their drums and play simple songs on her xylophone and sing together. We sing all the time around here. Alison knows so many songs and I am running out of new ones to teach her!
She finds so much joy in simple things that it makes me realize what a blessing they really are. She loves singing of course, but also running and snuggling. She LOVES snuggling and sometimes I have to remind myself that I will always have laundry to do, and there will be plenty of dishes in my future but Alison won't always be my little baby who just wants mommy to play with her, sing and read books with.

I am thinking about getting "This is the Way We Wash-a-Day"  OR "The Singing Day" and "The Wonder of Lullabies". They are books filled with songs to sing with children (and an audio CD to help teach you). The first ones are full of daily songs to sing while you are doing little tasks around your house and of course the second is lullabies, something which I really don't know very many of and I am getting kind of tired of singing the sames ones over and over again. I'm kind of bummed that the San Diego Public Library doesn't carry any of these *sigh*.

We are steadily getting more of a weekly and daily rhythm in our house. We are working on one thing at a time. So far we have a regular routine for night time and eating and on Saturday we do a family activity and Sunday is Farmers Market and more time just being a family.


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