Sunday, October 30, 2011

Choo choo!

Ali this morning in the playroom letting her horse eat some 'hay' (aka a yellow block)

Ali loves her wooden train set (from Ikea!)

"Choo choo!"

 We pulled some of Alison's toys: a fairy, a baby, a pig, and a rooster (they are all great friends), around in her sled (she actually spotted it at Michaels. Its one of those "ready to finish" items, it was under $2) I just tied some ribbon into it. Waldorf toys can be expensive (check out the toy links under 'links I like') so I always keep my eyes out for a good deal on natural toys (wood, metal, natural fibers) and try to make little things for Alison as well.
I made the fairy doll and the baby sitting next to her. I need to make a new fairy doll though...we took two little handmade dolls with us to Oklahoma and my folk's dogs thought they were chew toys, completely distroyed the little girl doll and there are teeth marks all over this one's head...Alison doesn't seem to mind though bless her little heart!

We went to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market today! Its open every Sunday 9am to 2pm. I didn't take any pictures, we were busy gathering food for the week. I really like being able to get a pound of organic fruit for $1.50. We always try to eat healthy but since we starting shopping there we have been eating a lot more fresh foods and boy are they good!
There are prepared food vendors as well and Chris and I always get an herbal tea and Alison gets an organic lemon aid. We don't usually let her have fruit drinks during the week (or sweets really) so lemon aid is a really special treat. She loves going to the farmers market, being pushed around in her comfy stroller, checking things out, getting to try samples of fruits and sipping her special drink!

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