Saturday, October 29, 2011

Baby Shower for Jessie!

I was very happy to attend a surprise baby shower for one of my very dear friends today. Jessie is expecting her second son and is in San Diego to visit her in-laws before the baby comes. (She used to live here before her husband got a new billet, they are a Marine family too). Her extremely thoughtful mother-in-law planned the whole thing and sent out invitations a month ago and somehow kept Jessie from having any idea!

After the baby shower I went home (Chris and Alison stayed home while the new water heater was being installed, yea Home Depot same day installation!) and picked up my little family and went back for some post baby shower play time. Little Grady and another friends son J were there and Alison had a blast playing with them. I have known these kids since they were born and its amazing to see how much they have grown!! Both my friends Jessie and Gilda are pregnant again! I am so excited for them both. AND Gilda is going to have a little girl! Most of our friends seem to have boys so it will be nice to have another little girl around!
Kandy, Jessie's mother-in-law, has a GREAT backyard! It's nice and flat with plenty of room for three little kids to run around.

Grady playing peek-a-boo with his grandma Kandy and Alison chewing on her hands.
Oh yes we are teething again. Hopefully it will subside soon, poor little Alison.
There were lots of toys but all the kids seemed to like playing with the balls the best!

"Hi Mommy!"

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