Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its Good to be Home

Jan 28
Alison is a good eater, I hear that changes somewhere between 2 & 3. Right now she really likes peas! 

'More Peas Please!'

Jan 29
Our friends Lex and Dave welcomed their son Ryan home!
He is one cute baby.

New mom Lex

Daddy holding Alison, she has decided that she is afraid of dogs.

Dad and son

Feb 5
Alison was reading the advertisements and it looked so cute I took a picture!

Bath time!

Alison likes to make funny faces!
'Hi mommy!'

After the bath we brushed our teeth. Alison likes to brush her teeth all by herself.

Feb 7
Alison is eating Mandarin oranges, she ate them all up!

We followed with a banana, which she squished into several pieces!

Sometimes I make Alison a snack station on the coffee table, the doctor says she needs to gain more weight. She has some animal crackers and a fruit salad of apples and blueberries.

Feb 8
Alison is eating apple slices and watching her baby video. If you look at her forehead you can see where she fell down. Yesterday we took a tumble and hit our head on a kettle bell. A bump ballooned up and mommy took Alison to the emergency room, where they told us it was just a head bump! Whew! It looks a lot better today than it did yesterday after it happened. But we got it checked out just to be safe!

Eating Apples.
Alison has started talking this past week and she has really taken off!
She can say cat, hat, happy, good girl, apple, brush, hi, dog, and mama are her most frequent words. She can also show me where her tongue is by sticking it out and going 'ahhhh!'
Its amazing watching her learn and it seems to be happening so fast!

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