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Chris, Alison and I went to Hawaii!! Let me show you some pictures of our trip! We had a great time and I already want to go back!

Alison was really good on the plane, we got lucky and didn't have anyone sitting next to us so Alison got her own seat!
What a princess relaxing with her airplane pillow, her blanket and a cookie.

We bought a new stroller to take with us. our old stroller went with the car seat Alison grew out of. Chris on the phone pushing Alison through the Hale Koa Hotel (we weren't staying here but it't the military hotel and ours was next door so we ate here a lot and went to the exchange)

Our beautiful daughter

Daddy taking a video of Alison walking, we are so proud at how good a walker she has become.

checking things out

Alison likes to brush her hair all by herself!

The view from our hotel room, it was so beautiful. Chris and I watched the sunset almost evey evening.

Alison in the stroller, "Lets go mom!"
Alison and I spent a lot of time wandering around Waikiki by ourselves because Chris worked during the day. We had a lot of fun and did a little bit of shopping (very little bit) We got Alison a sun hat and a plush cat becuase 'cat' is one of her favorite words to say.

Here is Alison in her new hat! She doesn't like wearing hats so I always make sure they are the kind you tie on! She is too pale and her hair is too thin to not wear a hat and SPF 60 sunscreen whenever we go outside!

Awe...I love this picture.
We went to visit the aquarium and I have to say it was a bit disappointing (ok a lot dissapointing!!). We were hoping it would be like the amazing aquarium in Grorgia. That aquarium is fantastic.

Walking back from the aquarium daddy gives Alison a ride on his shoulders!

Alison in her stroller

Silly bunny

We went to the Paradise Cove Luau, I don't recomend taking a baby if you want to do any of the activities. We were able to do the 'spear' throw (well Chris was) becuase it was quick and there was no line. Alison wanted to walk around and did not have the patience to wait for mommy and daddy to do boring stuff!

Alison looks scared in this pic but she is actually amazed. I changed her into her pajamas while we were at the Luau when it got dark so she would be a little warmer and so we could just put our little bundle in bed when we got back to the hotel.

Alison is watching the dancers, she really liked the fire throwing guy and was very excited when the hula dancers put on big elaborate costumes! She actually crawler onto the lady's lap who was sitting next to me so she could see better! Luckily the lady I was sitting next to thought Alison was a doll and was more than happy to hold her and was delighted by Alison's frequent "Ooooohh!!" and little clapping. 

The stage the people performed on.

Hanauma Bay, so beautiful! We wanted to go snorkling here but we ran out of time. Ah well I am sure we will make our way back out to Hawaii some other time!

Alison and mommy


My beautiful daughter, so pretty.

She had a good time looking at all the natural wonder.

the blow hole! I didn't see it actually shoot any water up but they put a marker where it would have, you can see it if you click on the pic to enlarge it (don't forget to push the back button instead of x to get back to the blog!)

Us in front of the same rock formation as the pic above

There is a light house in the distance on the mountain. Chris and I had a good time looking into all the little pools of water and just taking in all the beauty.

Alison and I in the same spot as the pic above

Chris took this picture. Alison fell asleep on our tour bus and I wasn't about to wake her up! So I asked my wonderful hubs Chris (who offered to stay with us) to take a lot of pics, what a view!

Very nice, Ireally love all the green mountains!

Alison made a friend! This is one of the ladies from our tour bus who fell in love with Alison. Alison was good the entire time we were on the tour (almost 11 hours) I had one guy tell me that she wasn't just a good baby she was a perfect baby! I couldn't have been more proud of my little Ali.

This is the Byodo-In Temple. It and the grounds around it were very beautiful.

Alison loves walking and daddy loves holding her hand
We are at the Byodo-In Temple walking around the grounds.

Beautiful mountain that is supposed to be a lizard. The island dubbed Chinaman's Hat is supposed to be the tail of the lizard that was cut off and thrown into the ocean
click here if you want to read a little bit more about the story
In this picture we are actually on a small boat on a fishing lake.

You can kind of see a building through the trees, that is part of the set of 'Off the Map'
this area was also used for Paradise Island, Lost, the movie 50 First Dates and a slew of other TV and movie magic!

a little closer...

Here is the tail to the dragon/lizard but is called the China man's hat, for obvious reasons.

Daddy and Alison watching a surfing competition. Apparently there was a major big super competition going on. Chris and I don't follow surfing so we didnt really know what it was but there were a lot of people and lots of TV cameras!

This might have been my favorite part, seeing in the wild sea turtles!! I love turtles, lizards crocodiles and of course a very special Ali-gator! they were a lot bigger than I thought they were! This picture doesn't do justice to how big this guy is! If you look in the background you can see a second sea turtle buddy handing out!

A close up and the shadow of my head and camera. The red rope you can see in the corner was put around the area where the sea turtles were to make a protective boundry and there were two wildlife people who kept telling people not to get close. Yo can actually go to jail for bothering these guys.

Mommy shared her chocolate ice cream with Alison and she loved it! I don't recall Alison ever having chocolate ice cream before we have always gotten her vanilla. It was the first time she ate an ice cream cone though!

Cute little tyke. After I took pics we took off her clothes and washed them and her! what a mess! but was so much fun!

Alison wanted to hold her milk all by herself, she is starting to strike out a little on wanting to do what she wants! Uh Oh...I hope the terrible 2s don't come early!

Last morning in Hawaii, its really early as we get ready to go to the airport. I took the blanket off the tent (we throw a blankie over it to keep it dark and warm and Alison didnt wake up at all, so I took pics!

She didn't even wake up when I unzipped it!
She is so cute when she is asleep, and awake!

Still sleepy leaving the hotel and going back home to California!

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