Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleep Training


Review: We started using this book when my daughter was 8 weeks old. Its really great, it goes through the common sense stuff of why children need sleep and has some really interesting tid-bits but the thing that makes this book valuable is its instructions and stories.

The instructions tell you what kind of sleep habits your child (at any age from baby to teen) should have and what kind of schedule you as the parent should impliment. We went from a baby who didn't know she wasnt supposed to stay up all night to a baby who slept with only waking up for feeding and a diaper change the whole night!! It only took us a few nights for our daughter to adjust. It gives you great tips so you don't form bad sleep habits and the stories from other parents using the methods make you feel like everything is normal. Sleep training isnt easiest thing in the world but it is totaly worth it and having a book to help is really great.

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